Videos and the importance of not getting distracted by new ideas

We’ve got a good lead for someone who can do professional video work, so I’m hoping we’ll be able to arrange a time/date for Ali and Phil to do the fabulous restaurant test for our Spanish course in the comparatively near future – which I’m really excited about.  I can’t wait to see how they do…:-)

And David (who you might remember said he was going to do an intense session, and then went rather quiet, leading to me fretting that he might have given up the ghost entirely ;-)) got through his intense day with 4 sessions under his belt.

Now, this is not as much as some other testers have been doing, but it’s actually very interesting – because it shows that as soon as you stop giving yourself a hard time about ‘not doing enough’ (which David is now under instruction to do, since he got cross with himself for getting distracted!), the change in attitude which comes from seeing the sessions as something you can gallop straight through, making mistakes, missing the 80% by miles, and then going immediately into another session – is in and of itself a huge shift.  He’s clearly feeling the benefits, and knows that he’s going significantly faster than he’s ever gone before.

This is particularly interesting for me, because it suggests that there isn’t much down-side to the process.

If you don’t do ‘enough’, it’s still going to be really valuable – and I love things which work well even when you don’t really do them…:-)


Oh, the not getting distracted?  To what I am sure would be the complete horror of any of the wonderful people who are working on adapting the current framework to their languages, I’ve been reading a fascinating book about habits – how we can form them, how we can break them – and, er, well, it’s made me think that there might be some things we could do different in the first ten lessons or so that would encourage people to set up some habits that might make a massive difference to their language learning.

But before any of our lovely course builders faint, don’t worry – Catrin gets very stern with me when I have new ideas, and I have promised not to start work on this one until we’ve got the Spanish video published – and even when I do, I’m going to build it as an add-on to the existing framework, and then test it to see if it can achieve some of the things I’m hoping it will be able to.

And only then will I give some thought, if the tests justify doing so, to the process of integrating it with the existing framework – which I think could probably be done with minimal to zero interference with existing courses…:-)

2 responses to “Videos and the importance of not getting distracted by new ideas

    • It should fit in neatly before session 1 without any real need for any adaptation (until maybe later on if we *feel* like it!)…:-)

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