Too many Spanish restaurants, finished my new Welsh recordings, and breathe…

Friday is always a bit of a punch-drunk day at SaySomethingin Towers!

It’s not so much the work itself – working on SSi is much easier and more relaxing than the work of looking after the kids! – just the brain freeze of having too many different projects and ideas running around all at once, I think.

But we’ve made some good progress this week.  It’s looking very promising that Alison, Phil and Ross are going to be able to schedule filming within the next two weeks, and Ross might even be able to finish the post-production before he has to go off to L.A., which would be fantastic.

Ross was in touch today to suggest filming in the Spanish restaurant run by the family of a friend of his – which would have been a fantastic idea, since they’re all Spanish speakers – but since La Tasca have already very kindly promised to make sure they have a Spanish speaker on the roster if we give them enough notice, it’s probably a no this time round.  But it would be nice to have more ‘first time Spanish’ videos in the future…

I’ve also finished recording my parts for the material for the intense 48 hour kick-start thing I want to test with Welsh – just got to record Catrin’s voice, and then do all the importing into the Spennyware, which (despite the amazing wonderfulness of the Spennyware!) is my single least favourite SSi task…:-)

I’ve also been trying to chase up the folk we’re closing in on arranging an accreditation set-up with – which will allow people who want to do accreditation with SSi to get formal qualifications by means of a conversation test.  It would be extremely important in terms of making it possible for county councils (and other box-ticking organisations) to use our materials formally – but we’ve got a bit more talking to do about the financial side of things.  Been hard to get hold of them, though, so I hope they’ll follow up next week.

As I said yesterday, next week is also a website development week – when we’ll be focusing on getting the structures in place for ffrinDiaith, so that should be fun.  It involves some structural additions to the social layer that will also be useful for our standard users – messaging, searching for users within a certain distance, that kind of stuff.

Looking further ahead, once we’ve got the 48 hour kick-start stuff in place to do some testing, and once we’ve got a video that persuades people to register (fingers crossed!), I’m really looking forward to getting back to work on the central framework, and on some family-specific lessons, and child-focused lessons, and seeing if I can find some ways to build habit-forming stuff in there as well.


It strikes me that this blog is becoming a little too diary-ish, which wasn’t really what I had in mind to begin with.

So, unless you have any special requests, or would like to hear more detail about anything else in particular, next week I’m going to gloss over what I’m actually doing (unless anything particularly exciting crops up!) and look more closely at some of the things we’re trying to and some of the things we hope to do in the future…:-)

But do please bear in mind that the main reason for this blog is to make SSi as a company a bit more transparent to people who are interested in what we’re doing, so I’m genuinely keen to open up on anything you’d like me to (short of my plans to sell Beuno Llŷn on eBay, perhaps).


6 responses to “Too many Spanish restaurants, finished my new Welsh recordings, and breathe…

  1. Can you explain the idea behind the capitalization in ‘ffrinDiaith’ — specifically, why the capital D? It strikes me as making ‘Diaith’ meant to be read as a word, and hiding ‘iaith.’

  2. As I understand it, the logo is going to make the D large, red on white – in other words, the same as the Welsh version of the learners’ plates that people who haven’t passed their driving test must have on the back of their cars.

  3. Ah, makes more sense to me, then — tying in to something that people already associate with learners!

    • No, no wraps! Just haven’t got around to testing it yet – we’ve got a bit more recording to do for the content, and will then be digging out some guinea pigs to see what we can in 48 hours…:-)

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