Rising out of hibernation just in time for a party!

45143_10151345568332355_1781006407_nSo, it’s been a quiet few weeks on the blog, and much as I’d like to pretend I’ve just been taking an absurdly long Christmas holiday, the truth is a little less glamorous.

Yes, I’ve been in self-imposed exclusion in order to make sure that I start 2014 by getting the framework for Course 2 finished in January.

And I’ve failed!

But I’ve failed in the kind of way which makes ambitious targets so worthwhile.  Yup, 22/25 sessions have been successfully completed, and I just have 3 to go, which I’m confident I’ll wrap up promptly next week.  To put that into context, the framework for     Course 1 took almost six months to finish, so I’ve got a warm 2014-style glow going on here – and the momentum should mean that the next few months will be a veritable blur of valuable follow-up activity.

Which means that this year’s birthday party in a stormy Aberystwyth on Saturday, to celebrate five years since we opened the forum, will feel even more celebratory than usual.  Yes, I make no apologies – what with almost finishing the Course 2 framework AND watching the rugby, I may well make for particularly unintelligent company the rest of the weekend…;-) (Oh, it’s also five years since Catrin and I thought that the best possible companion for a baby business would be a, well, baby – but I behaved myself at that 5th birthday party, so I’ve got ground to make up).


It’s just occurred to me that I foolishly shared 12 ‘definites’ for 2014 with you at the tail end of last year, and that getting half of one of them done in January leaves me, er, quite a long way off the pace!

But the framework is the biggest single package of work for me, and was always likely to be one of the most challenging, while there’s a genuine chance that four or five of the others will get ticked off in the next month or so – yes, honestly!

February is already looking lively, quite apart from the Big 12 items that’ll get crossed off (insha’allah!).  Party this weekend, then Birmingham next week for an MRI scan (which should allow my osteopath to start giving me some work to do, haleliwia!), then Catrin’s birthday, then Ifan up here for a week of bouncing ideas around, then Haciaith, then a trip down to Cardiff to watch Wales play France, and then the week after that I’ll be back down in Cardiff for a meeting with S4c to chat about ideas for ways to help advanced learners, and to run a session on SSi as part of a two day workshop at Cardiff University on ‘The role of formulaic language in language acquisition and attrition’.

And then I’m considering having a little lie-down…;-)

I’m particularly looking forward to the workshop at Cardiff University – I’ve been invited for a bite to eat after the workshop with some academics who are doing fascinating work with language corpuses, and I can’t wait to steal their brains and bring them home with me in a jar.

6 responses to “Rising out of hibernation just in time for a party!

  1. Sounds like a great start to the year! You’ve already made a HUGE difference, teaching and promoting the Welsh language; definitely something worth celebrating tomorrow. Keep up the good work… Dr Frankenstein…;-)

  2. Diolch ti Vaughan! This last month has certainly taught me a LOT about focus, and the value of switching everything off apart from the main goal – so I think I’ll have at least another two or three months like that this year…:-) Wela i chdi yfory!

      • Gad hi i fi. Wi’n siwr alla i berswadio hi. Os beidio, wi’n siwr gallwn ni cadw Catrin brysur siarad gyda’r merched a disgwl ar ol y plant…fydd hi ddim hyd yn oed yn sylwi…;-)

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