Accelerated learning for Welsh – a new training group

I’ve spent a lot of the last two years (or more) working one-on-one or in very small groups with people who want to get through as many sessions of a SaySomethingin course as possible in one or more days.

It’s been a fascinating process, and it’s completely changed my perception of how language acquisition works.  It’s knocked a lot of preconceptions I had very firmly on the head.


It’s hugely time consuming – for me as well as for the learners.

And I need to start keeping my weekends for my children.

So I’ve decided that I’m not going to take on any more one-on-one students (except perhaps in fairly remarkable circumstances).

Which leaves me with a slight problem.


I’ve become convinced that this approach could make a real difference to the future of Welsh.  I think if people can see that it’s possible to become a conversational capable Welsh speaker in (for example) 8 intensive Saturdays in a row, I think it might help change perceptions.


I’ve started a Facebook group for people who are interested in learning Welsh faster.

I’m putting a lot of my time and energy into that group.

I’ve already written up a step-by-step explanation of the process involved – how to do it, what to expect when you do it, what the pitfalls are, what the right approach is.  You can (as some people are already) work through that explanation, and give yourself an intensive day straight away.

I’m also offering help and support, in the group, to anyone who does an intensive day, and tells us about it in the group.

And right now, I’ve just offered a 30 minute conversation practice session to the first 5 people who go through an intensive day in public in the group.

If you’d like to see the step-by-step blueprint for accelerated Welsh, it’s right there in the group.

You can join by requesting access here:

If you’re interested in becoming a conversational Welsh speaker as fast as possible, I’ll look forward very much to seeing you there…:-)

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