How do our ‘chipmunks’ turn you into a Welsh speaker?

How do our ‘chipmunks’ turn you into a Welsh speaker?

They may be the single most important – and unusual! – thing we do – but some people absolutely HATE them.

They’re not real chipmunks (sadly).

They’re double-speed listening exercises.

They make us sound a bit like chipmunks.

>>>Yup, double-speed.

As if first language Welsh speakers weren’t already hard enough to understand, yep?

But here’s the thing…

The brain responds to the input it gets.

If you listen to people s…p..e……g s…l…o….w…l..yyyy…

Then your brain gets used to s…..l…..o….wwww…

And then your brain has got ZERO CHANCE down the local, where Welsh speakers will NOT be speaking slowly.

If you do it the other way round – if you listen to Welsh that you’ve already learnt being spoken at DOUBLE speed – for just a couple of weeks…

Then normal Welsh speakers start to sound as though they’re talking slowly and clearly – just for you!

It feels a bit like magic…

But it’s just the same process as getting used to a computer game, or the way Formula 1 drivers get used to moving at very high speeds…

Give your brain the right input, and you’ll be surprised by how it adapts.

It takes patience – you have to be willing to sit and listen to a stream of sound that (at first) will make no sense to you.

But when you start to get the odd sensation of understanding bits of it – and then when you hear your first full sentence, and it sounds as though it was at normal speed, and you think there must be a problem with the recording…

Then it can begin to feel like fun…

You can get the chipmunks on our ‘6 minutes a day’ Welsh course:

or on our more intensive ‘6 Month Welsh speaker’ course:


[If you know someone who’s working hard at their Welsh, but really finding it hard to understand first language speakers, do please share this with them – for some people, it might just be the last piece of the jigsaw… ]

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