Were you forced to do Welsh at school?

Were you forced to do Welsh at school?

Did it leave you feeling you’d wasted your time and learnt nothing?

But… do you kind of regret it now? That you don’t speak Welsh?

If so – there’s something ODD you should know.

It’s unexpected.

But it’s *important*.


1 – almost EVERYTHING you did is still hidden away in your brain (yup, actual neurological structures)

2 – you can bring it all to life surprisingly quickly.


I don’t just mean you can get back to whatever level you were at in school – that probably felt as though you were rubbish at it.

I mean – you can USE those old neurological structures – the traces left in your brain by all that unsuccessful work at school – to turn yourself into a GENUINE Welsh speaker.


In a way, the work you did at school WAS actually successful – it gave you a lot of what you need to be a Welsh speaker – but it was MISSING the key steps that would make it all start happening for you.


Those key steps don’t have to take long.

When people who did Welsh at school do a SaySomethinginWelsh course, they blossom – they start speaking confidently SO much faster than new learners, they can make other people feel quite jealous!

And you don’t have to go anywhere to become a Welsh speaker with us – you just use the audio files and follow the weekly advice we send you.

Our lowest commitment course takes just 6 minutes a day (or a little over half an hour a week).

And – if you did Welsh at school – it will have you speaking Welsh in real conversations in just a few months.

It’s only a tenner a month, too.

Have a look:


[And if you know anyone who did Welsh at school, and feels frustrated that they can’t speak it now, do please share this with them – and let’s get their Welsh brought to life!]

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