The most important decision for Welsh learners?

The most important decision for Welsh learners?

When you’re choosing a Welsh course (or when you’re trying to learn anything, actually) there’s one VITAL decision that underpins everything else.

It’s not obvious, though – so people often make it by accident, without even knowing that they’ve chosen.

And – this sounds a bit dramatic, but it’s true – missing that one key piece of information can add literally YEARS to how long it takes you to become a Welsh speaker.

So what is it?

It’s simple.

You have to decide WHO takes responsibility for **creating the memories** that you need to let you speak (and understand) Welsh.

Now, in most classes (and in schools as well) this usually gets off-loaded onto the student.

The teachers provide you with information (think: here’s a list of vocabulary you have to learn!) and then leave you to figure out the best way to cram it into your head.

Now, it’s no surprise – most learners AREN’T experts in memory techniques.

So most learners end up trying to remember those words by just going through the list over and over again.

Problem alert!

That’s an almost entirely ineffective way to form memories.

And that’s why so many learners end up getting disheartened, feeling as though they’re putting a HUGE amount of effort in (because they are!) and getting very limited results (because they haven’t been shown how to build memories successfully).


It actually makes me quite angry – because generally, schools and colleges KNOW about research into memory formation, but because it takes a lot more work for them to build courses that automatically create memories, they opt not to do it.

Which I think is a real betrayal of the learner.


When you KNOW about this, you’ve got two options (and you’re immediately ahead of the game, because you’re not just a lamb to the slaughter any more).

First, you can choose a traditional course, and do the work yourself to research memory formation – take the responsibility yourself, find better ways to build memories, and you will indeed get better results.

Alternatively, you can look for courses that take that responsibility OFF your shoulders – courses that use memory techniques to build the memories FOR you.

I don’t know how many there are (because it takes a lot of work to build a course like that) – but I do know (because I wrote it) that memory techniques are CENTRAL to SaySomethinginWelsh courses.

It isn’t POSSIBLE to get to the end of a SaySomethinginWelsh course without your brain being full of new memories of Welsh words and structures.

Ask any of our learners – they’ll tell you about that strange feeling of having Welsh ‘bubbling up in your brain’.

It doesn’t work at the same speed for everyone, of course – some people need to repeat the practice sessions more often – but everyone who gets to the end of a SaySomethinginWelsh course HAS those new memories, and can USE them.

If you don’t have much free time, you can become a Welsh speaker on our ‘6 Minutes a Day’ course (we’d expect you to be having your first real conversations in about six months).

Or, if you’re on fire, want to be a confident Welsh speaker in 6 months, and can put in 3 to 4 hours EVERY week, then you might prefer our accelerated ‘6 Month Welsh Speaker’ course (yup, it’s guaranteed).

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