Who learns with SSiW?

It always surprises me when people get in touch to ask ‘Who uses the SaySomethinginWelsh courses?’…
I don’t think it’s something I’d ever particularly care about if I was choosing a course. But maybe that’s just me…
In case you’re interested, here’s an overview of the kind of people we’re working with (plus actual names where I think they might be familiar to you).
Our youngest learners are about 7 or 8 (working with support from their parents).
Our oldest learners are in their late 80s.
We work with TUC Cymru, with the Wales and West Housing Association, and with Carmarthenshire Council.
Plaid Cymru’s Leanne Wood has been on one of our Bootcamps.
We’ve got learners from all walks of life – people in school, retired people, teachers, CEOs, politicians, people working in shops, sports people, musicians, civil servants.
We’ve got learners from all over the world – loads in the United States, Canada, Australia, England (that old empire thing happening there, I guess!) – but also France, Spain, Scotland, Ireland, Cornwall, the Isle of Man, Mexico, Hawaii, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, South Africa, Germany, Poland, Finland, Basque Country, Brittany, Catalonia, Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Turkey, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kuwait, Dubai, India, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Estonia…
Yeah yeah yeah, but what about Latvia and Lithuania, I hear you say?
And I’ve got no answer.
I don’t know what’s happening there – if we’ve offended someone, or if there’s just a strange lack of interest in Welsh in the Baltic States… πŸ˜‰
Anyway, that’s a quick cross section of who’s learning with us.
If you’d like to join them, you could:
Leap in at the deep end with our intensive 6 month Welsh speaker course:
…or you could take the more leisurely route with our ‘6 Minutes a Day’ approach:
…or you could just test the water by learning a SINGLE sentence:

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