Can you help us keep our 6 month course down at £100?

About 3 weeks ago, we started a test: bringing the cost of our brutal (but very effective!) 6 month course down from £240 to £100…

As we said from the start, it would depend on Facebook how long we were able to keep it down there – and, as we feared, our costs are starting to go up – we’ve had a couple of brutal days where we’ve actually *lost* a few hundred quid, which we’re not big enough to keep doing for very long.

Then (as some of you will remember) we added a whole bunch of scholarships, inspired by our anonymous benefactor who paid for 10 of them – we’ve added about another 70, spread out over the next few months.

As a result, we’re stretched pretty thin right now…

So we’re about to pull the plug on the discount – which means two things.

1 – if you’ve been umming and aahing about it, now is very much the time to go ahead (you don’t have to start it straight away – you can log in and set it to pause as soon as you’ve signed up):

2 – if you’ve already signed up – or if you already speak Welsh, or can’t find the time for such an intensive course – but you’d like to help keep the price DOWN for everyone else…

Then it’s as simple as doing one thing.

Just share this post.

The more people share, the lower our advertising costs, the longer we’ll be able to keep the price at £100.

In an ideal world, we’d be able to hold the price at £100 for ever, AND give 10 or 20 scholarships away every month – and if we ever break through with our Spanish course, that’s exactly what we’ll do.

Right now, though, we can only keep on like this if enough people share this post…:-)


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