Is live radio the best environment for teaching Welsh?!

It wasn’t an actual plan to skip writing anything yesterday or on Monday – just a side-effect of the joys of half-term, and a slight distraction coming my way at the end of the week.

Half-term means an 8 year old and a 10 year old cart-wheeling or running or stamping around the place (well, admittedly there’s been less cart-wheeling since the dislocated elbow incident last year)…

And then the distraction…

To my considerable surprise, I now have to figure out a way to teach a worthwhile amount of Welsh in ten minutes on live radio this Friday.

My general level of relaxation about this is not being helped enormously by the Radio 2 people dubbing it ‘the largest Welsh class in history’ – apparently their audience is usually round about seven and a half million, which is NOT a calming thought.

I suppose, to be fair, I don’t have much ‘figuring out’ to do about how I’m going to be teaching – but producing the SSi Method live and without notes is a little bit like circus acrobatics without a safety net.

[Well, apart from the risk of actual physical death, I suppose, but that seems trivial by comparison].

So I need to get some real work done today, and then hop on the train to London tomorrow, and then spend an evening changing-my-mind-every-5-minutes about which words and structures are least likely to go badly wrong in a no-safety-net environment.

Let’s hope that Jeremy Vine has got a good working memory, eh?!

Wish me luck…;-)


Oh, and help ease my nerves by signing up to our ‘6 Minute a Day’ course – which is like what Jeremy’s going to be getting, only better, because it’s been built carefully instead of made-up-on-the-spot…!


8 responses to “Is live radio the best environment for teaching Welsh?!

  1. Congratulations, what an opportunity!
    Don’t worry too much, I am sure you will be absolutely fine, even without a safety net.

  2. That’s so awesome! I bet there will be a lot of SSI participants listening in and radiating huge amounts of love and kindness and support while you are unleashing Jeremy’s Cymraeg 🙂

  3. Pob lwc prynhawn ‘ma Aran
    Mi fydd pawb yn Lloegr yn dysgu’r hen iaith cyn bo hir. Ymlaen!

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