My name is Aran Jones, and together with Iestyn ap Dafydd I founded SaySomethingin.com.  We started with a Welsh course, and have since expanded (via a mix of volunteers, partners and part-timers) to the beginnings of Spanish, Dutch, Cornish, Latin, as well as Spanish for Welsh speakers and English and Welsh for Spanish speakers.

As we’ve gained more experience about how people use our materials, we’ve begun to focus more and more on accelerated learning, and trying to find out how fast functional new language can be acquired.  That is what this blog is all about…:-)

I’m also just starting to publish some content on Kindle and Amazon, so if you’ve come here from that, hello!  I answer comments on this blog fairly quickly, but Twitter is probably the best way to get hold of me: @aranjones


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  1. I’ve been enjoying the say something in Cornish course but as I’m on lesson 8 it is going to come to an end shortly .When will other lessons become available?

    • Hi Paul – I gather that lesson 10 will be up before too long – we’re continuing to work on more lessons, although it’s a fairly slow process – however, we’re also working on a new course creation tool which we hope will allow us to produce more material much more quickly – that should be ready in the next few months, at which stage we hope we’ll be able to accelerate significantly! 🙂

  2. Thank you for your reply Aran. I would invite you and your readers if they sincere to learn Welsh in accelerated timescale to contact Helen Prosser University of Wales and Prof. Sioned Davies Cardiff University and ask them why they refused my work. I would also them to write to their local A.M.s.
    Anyone on W.L.P.A.N. and deSuggestopedia course are entitled to have their money back because not teaching is taking place on their courses.

    • What a startling idea. How would writing to these respected academics to ask them why they refused work that our readers have never seen help our readers to acquire Welsh any faster? And why on earth should they write to their AMs?!

      I have very little knowledge of Desuggestopedia, but the idea that no teaching takes places on an WLPAN course is one of the most absurd statements I’ve seen on the entire internet (up against some stiff competition).

      If your ‘work’ is so good, Howard, why not publish it and let us all decide?

    • Hi Tricia – yup, we’ve spent a lot of the last two years building a piece of software to let us take the SSi Method into other languages – it’s not as straightforward as just translating – and the alpha tests have gone very well. We’re hoping to kick off a new round of testing (I think we could legitimately claim it’s beta testing by now!) in the new year, and French will be one of those languages… 🙂

  3. Dear Aran,
    I have just picked up your Welsh course again after a break of many years, and after having had to learn quite a few languages the slow way, I am truly amazed at what you manage to teach in just one lesson – thank you so much for your work!
    If I may add a language to the wish list: Please consider making a Danish course! So many people (amongst them my Welsh partner) struggle to learn this language.
    I don’t know if I can be of any help with any of your courses seeing as I live in Denmark (can’t see where you are based), but feel free to contact me as a first-language German speaker (or a second-language Danish/Dutch/French/Hebrew speaker)!
    With kind regards,

    • Thank you so much for your lovely words, Anna, and such a kind offer – we may well take you up on it at some point next year! We’re hoping to do another round of new languages in the early part of next year, and then branch out further depending on how that goes…:-) [We’re based in Wales, but almost all our work happens online].

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