Alert – Saith Seren faces closure – find out how SSiW is trying to help

As you might have heard, the co-operative Welsh language and community centre in Wrexham, Saith Seren, is facing closure.

A team of volunteers have worked their guts out over the last 3 years to create this superb resource, which has been hugely welcoming (and often transformational) for Welsh learners. By giving people a place to use their Welsh, it’s helped turn them into real Welsh speakers.

Now, because the government has crazily refused to support them, they face closure because they’re £2000 a month short on rent.

We think it’s time all our learners rallied round.

If everyone sticks in a tenner a month, £2000 isn’t all that much. We can do this.

If you have a UK bank account, you can set up a £10 monthly payment to Saith Seren here:

NO PAYMENTS AT ALL will be taken UNLESS Saith Seren get enough support to keep their doors open.

If you’d like to contribute more than £10 a month, please fill in the the payment form and then leave a comment on this post to tell us how much.


If you don’t have a UK bank account, but you’d still like to help keep this unique resource for Welsh learners alive, please ‘reply’ to this email and tell me how much you’d like to contribute.

If Saith Seren decide to keep their doors open, I’ll be in touch to sort out the best way for you to contribute.


You know we don’t try to squeeze money out of you. That’s not what SaySomethinginWelsh is all about. We even ignore all the advice we get and give our first 36 lessons away for free, after all!…;-)

But this is different.

It’s not for us.

It’s to keep one of the most important venues for the Welsh language alive and kicking.

If Saith Seren have to close, just for the want of 200 supporters a month, we’ll all be that little bit poorer, and the Welsh language will have taken another step in the wrong direction.

We don’t have to let that happen.

Together, we can do this.

Thank you for your time,

Aran and Iestyn


P.S. Yes, here’s that link again:

11 responses to “Alert – Saith Seren faces closure – find out how SSiW is trying to help

  1. I’m sending a second time– I clicked on the little box which says “notify me about replies” How can Americans contribute? PayPal?

    • Hi Mary – if you drop me an email, I’ll keep a note of your offer to support – and if Saith Seren decide to try and keep the doors open, I’ll be in touch to work out the easiest way to set up the payments…:-)

      You can email me at aranjones at – and many thanks for your support!

      • Ok got it I see your email addy now.. I was reading the article (blog post) too fast. Diolch

    • Thanks very much for that, much appreciated…:-) I gather that IndieGogo have subscriptions on the way (which is what Saith Seren needs) but it doesn’t seem to be available to all campaigns yet…

  2. I’d also like to be able to contribute from the US. If you develop and alternative that works for Yanks, please let me know. (

    • Thanks very much for that, hugely appreciated – if you could drop me a line at aranjones [ at ] I’ll add you to the list of people to contact to set up alternative payment methods if the campaign is successful…:-)

  3. Aran,

    Dw i isio cynnyddu fy nghyfraniad i SaveSaithSeren o 10 i 20 punt y fis.
    Gobeithio bod o’n helpu.

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